What do you need?

T. Elenteny Imports is a multifaceted logistics company dedicated to growing our partners’ businesses with our own.

We participate in almost all aspects of the wine, beer and spirits industry, providing logistical and administrative back office services for international importing, national compliance and direct-to-trade distribution sales. 

Specialized in these niche services, T. Elenteny Imports works with importers of all sizes, distributors, marketing agents/brokers and wineries. We guide these partnering clients through the myriad of intricacies of the three-tier-system, offering logistics, consolidation, importing, customs, freight, drayage; and back office administration for inventory management, invoicing, collections and compliance.

Fast decision making from an experienced team of industry professionals helps our customers save time and money by allowing our clients to focus on their own customers, sales and company growth.  We identify our own team members’ unique skills so that every staff member at our company makes a contribution toward quality in the services that we provide.

We create competitive advantages for our customers through optimized cargo and information flow.  T. Elenteny Imports uses superior technology to provide the transparency and access to information that is crucial to expanding business accelerating growth.  We treat all products with care, providing our partners with real-time access to the status of their shipments, product inventory and sales history.