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Jia Jung, Compliance Administration

A traveler of the world and of life, Jia grew up in Massachusetts before earning a B.A. in Philosophy from the UC Berkeley. After Cal, she taught math and English in the outer Marshall Islands, then worked as a non-profit developer in Boston, higher education counselor in Korea, and momentary burger server in San Francisco before heading to La Jolla for a Master’s in International Affairs from UC San Diego’s School of Global Policy and Strategy in 2009.

In New York City, Jia has had six different dwellings and disparate work experiences such as serving as a comptroller for a construction management firm and conducting global business affairs in the music industry. Prior to arriving at T. Elenteny Imports, Jia’s knowledge of wine was that of an amateur consumer. She is learning much here, and her desire to be an all-purpose contributor to the team is aligned with her enjoyment of wearing many hats.

Jia’s other passions include creative nonfiction writing, storytelling, podcasting, volunteering, long distance open water swimming, and performing with the Lei Pasifika traditional Tahitian dance group. She wants more hours to the day to practice piano, cook, and sail.