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Our direct-to-trade wholesale service allows our partnering customers to sell to retailers & restaurants –optimizing wholesale margins and taking control over placements in key markets.

ILLINOIS Direct-to-Trade

T. Elenteny Imports staffs a full support team for all operational and logistical functions of a distribution wholesaler. Selling to retailers and restaurants directly, T. Elenteny Imports’ fulfills orders daily from our warehouse partners, and our customers benefit from our existing distribution network. We manage pass-through bills for partnering customers including warehouse and all operational expenses.

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Manage price-filing online and see real-time inventory, sales and customer records

Core functions of this service include:
  • Brand registration
  • Solicitation permits for sales reps
  • Invoicing orders and collections
  • Local freight and delivery coordination
  • Excise tax payments
  • Inventory management & warehouse expenses
  • Accounting and cash receipt reconciliations

Relying on our service for direct wholesale distribution allows new and established brands an edge in competitive, key markets. Selling directly gathers more market focus and offers a dedicated presence for growing businesses –all with a trusted partner in operations and logistics as well as decades of industry experience.