What do you need?

Our lives are changed forever…no more wrangling with shipping lines, no more frustrating communication with freight forwarders and drayage companies. Just a quick e-mail detailing the size and location of our orders…most amazingly, this transformative service is NO MORE EXPENSIVE than what we were paying before.
Hiram Simon-WineWise

Less than Container Load:

This service is a clear solution for all wholesalers – especially those who wish to cut down on time spent on logistics coordination.  T. Elenteny Imports provides a wide range of consistent, flexible and cost-effective solutions for less-than-container-load (LCL) ocean freight shipping of wine across the globe.  We offer these LCL and freight forwarding options from Europe, South America, Southern Hemisphere & Asia.

Our freight forwarder relationships secure competitive rates, allowing our customers to time their shipments more tactically, in an effort to manage their cash-flow.  Relying on T. Elenteny Imports to manage logistics frees our customers’ time to focus on day-to-day business growth and sales.

All LCL shipments are professionally handled and temperature-controlled from winery door to warehouse door, guaranteeing peace-of-mind. Our team executes your needs efficiently from product pick-up and consolidation to port to ocean freight and customs clearance as well as port-to-door drayage.

Full Container Load:

T. Elenteny Imports provides competitive full-container-load (FCL) ocean freight shipping options.  Our customers benefit from our competitive FCL rates with guaranteed temperature control.  These customized quotes offer flexibility to maximize cost benefit, while being able to focus on sales rather than logistics.