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Selling wine, beer & spirits to wholesalers requires a complex understanding of state-by-state compliance.  Let us do the work and focus on supplier growth & sales instead!

Operations & Logistics

T. Elenteny Imports excels in servicing broad-market US sales.  Selling requirements for wine, beer and spirits vary state-by-state, and T. Elenteny Imports manages the full gamut of national wholesale compliance, permits and brand registration as well as monthly reporting and taxes.  From inventory management to invoicing & collections, we function as the back office operations and logistics team for small to mid-tier importers and marketing agents.

T. Elenteny Imports manages pass-through bills for partnering customers including warehouse and all operational expenses.  We offer our customers the option to store inventory in one of our third party warehouses (CA, NJ, IL, CO), providing fast and convenient pick-up hubs for wholesalers.

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Cloud based, real-time inventory, sales and customer records available to partnering customers

National Compliance

National state-by-state compliance for alcoholic beverages is both complex to navigate and arduous to maintain.  T. Elenteny Imports is a comprehensive, compliance management service provider, aiding with strategy along side the daily administrative tasks of National wine, beer & spirits sales.

  • Shipping Permits in all 50 United States
  • Brand Registration and monthly price posting
  • Tax and sales reporting

Strategy Consultation

A seasoned team with industry experience, T. Elenteny Imports offers an invaluable resource for those starting their wine business or for those looking to grow into new markets.   Reach out to get a consultation quote!